About Me...


I have done lots of different things in my life. I’m a food and nutrition coach, a physiotherapist, a dance teacher, a small business owner, a mother, a traveller, a crochet teacher, a soul modes mentor.


I used to think it was this random eclectic mix that didn’t fit together at all but now I see that it is all of these things that have brought me here, to my zone of genius.


It is this variety of knowledge and experience combined with my passion and desire to help other women that makes me a great coach and mentor. 

I love to work with women who are feeling a call to change their life. Who are sick of bing stuck on the hamster wheel, for those women who are wondering what's next? Women who don't want to sit back and just let life happen to them anymore. They want to make a change to the way they feel about themselves and are ready to take control of their own lives.